Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Faces of Beauty

“I want to photograph any woman in the world who’s ever looked in the mirror and not felt good about herself at any time in her life. I want to photograph her every year through the changes of her teenage life, through her 20s, through her 30s, through her 40s, through her 50s, and as she flowers into her most beautiful-ness. I want to photograph her every year of her life to watch and celebrate the changes of who she is and what she is, so she can experience how she looks to other people”  
~Sue Bryce {photographer}

When I first heard of glamour photography a couple of weeks ago, I didn't think that it was something for me, but after watching a seminar on Glamour, by Sue Bryce, I began to feel very different about it.
And when she voiced the quote above...I knew that this was something I wanted to do
Why? Because I believe every woman is poised, talented, unique...
And deserves to know that they are Beautiful
just the way they are

I know all about hating the face I see  in the mirror, and when I first began photography, it was my 
goal to women that they are worth so much, and that the lies they hear and think when they wake up and look in the mirror are just that

So for 2012 I am starting something completely new.
I am going to be offering Glamour
and I am so excited!

But you may be just like me, unsure of what Glamour is so let me begin by telling you what it is not...

Glamour Photography is not Boudoir Photography. I do not photograph bums, breasts, bra's, or bellies
I believe that beauty is in modesty...that true beauty comes from inside

Glamour Photography is:

A chance to be elegant and to be pampered
A day to embrace the beauty God gave you

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