Thursday, September 29, 2011

Being a Kid in a Grown Up's World

As a young photographer, I have come face to face with several dilemma's that adult photographer's don't have to face. Being only 15, when I started my business, I noticed that people were almost reluctant to hire me. A couple reasons I have found are the following:

1. I'm a kid

I think sometimes people think of what I'm doing like they think of the kid selling lemonade in the driveway. They  think that it's temporary, and that I really don't know what I'm doing. This can be a little frustrating to someone who is young, and hoping to be successful. The one piece of advice I would give is this:

"Business is business...and if they let something like age come between them and a great opportunity, it is all on them."

2. Stereotypes

This kind of goes with being a kid. I am judged because of my age. People like the idea of a young responsible adolescent, but I think that some people believe this only occurs in fairy tales. This breaks my heart! Statistics tell us that our generation is one of the most influential generations in several years....and we are carrying a terrible let's bring it up a step and get back into the game....okay guys?

You can beat this stereotype by being: Well prepared for everything, plan ahead, be on time, and always be professional. Whether the session is for family & friends or complete strangers, represent your business well. How you present yourself is how others will think of you and your work.

I have a couple of friends that have asked me how they should go about starting a business. Here are a couple things you can do to be successful.

1. Understand that your talent is a gift from God. You were given it to bring Him the glory. So make Him the center of what you want to do.

2. I started taking pictures at family events. That is how I got my first job. (Family parties are your allies)

3. Media, Media, Media! You have to advertise. Be aggressive. Facebook pages are valuable tools. So make a page. Also print business cards and find locations around town you can put them.

4. Find a mentor and gain some education. If your like me you love to believe you know everything....but you don't. So find someone you look up to and learn from them. Find out what it takes to grow into the person you want to be. My mentor is Katie Campbell, and I love learning from her! My professionalism has increased 110% since she started teaching me. She is an amazingly gifted photographer, and I am lucky to be learn from her!

5. Remember this, you are a person. You will fail, but that's not what will define you. It's what you do when you fail that will make you great, or make you good.

"Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful."
John Wooden 

I want to conclude this post by saying I have been very blessed. The road to even becoming a little successful was long and hard, but it was worth it. I have so many people who have helped me along the way. And looking back through out my life, I can see God's hand in it all.

Thanks for the time and I hope I helped!

Jessica June 

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