Friday, September 16, 2011

One Long Day at a Time

The sun is not even close to being up when my Grammie comes through the house to wake me up. With my eyes still closed I roll out of bed and crawl around on the floor, beginning the hour long process of becoming 'presentable'. Then we all packed into the car and headed to campus, where my car pool buddy and I stumbled through registration.

Class went smoothly. My favorite part was when we got to go check out the rundown for classes we might be interested.  I fell in love with the theater arts program and have decided to try out for the play! (Yikes!) I only made us late once(because I lost my phone). Then we got lost... (: Finally, with out eyes drooping and our brain cells shutting down,  the school day ended! Yes! I have survived my first full day of college work...and to celebrate? An ice cream sunday.

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