Friday, February 17, 2012

A Wish My Heart Makes

Dreaming has always been a huge part of who I am, and I was blessed with the opportunity to see them come true and to live the wishes my heart has made. Now that the hubbub of the New Year has died down, I have decided to make wish list for the year 2012. I am so blessed to have been able to cross a few of these off already! (: 

2012's Wish List:

1. Complete my first year of college with a maintained 4.0

2. Take an adventure out of state

3. Try one new concept in photography a month, and post it

4. Purchase a Canon 5D mark ii 

5. Photograph a love story

6. Photograph a Trash the Dress session 

7. Plan and Photograph a Stylized Shoot

8. Do something new weekly so I have something to blog about (: haha

9. Photography my Parents for their 18th wedding anniversary! 

10. Write a Guest Blog Post (eek! I got to write one for Katie Campbell Photography last month!!!) 

11. Host a photo giveaway (more info on it's way soon)

12. Write my Story

13.  Listen to Someone Else's story

14. Share the Gospel with at least 10 people

15. Read my Bible Daily 

16. Raise enough money to cover a cancer patients medical expenses 

17. Take the time to get my driver's licence

18. Purchase a pro photo blog! (: 

19. Watch 'I am Number 4' without falling asleep

20. Stay awake for all of Family Psych and Bones night 

21. Just stop falling asleep while watching tv in general

22. Beat my mom at Just Dance on the wii

23. Learn a song on the piano

24. Learn to walk in heals without tripping or limping 

25. Try something I would never do (like sky diving or go to a midnight movie premier)

26. Attend a Crave Photography mentoring session 

27. Camp out in my back yard

28. Make a collage 

29. Decorate my room with Christmas Lights

30. Learn to waltz 

31. Learn Sign Language 

32. Start a weekly Recommend post 

33. Start and complete a photo challenge 

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  1. You can photograph Chris and I's love story any time ;) couples are the most fun to shoot for me.

    1. I am so excited for it! I have been planning like a mad women (: I love photographing couples as well, the love you can's so awesome!